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Important aspects of parenting

Parents today are in a very difficult situation. Almost all of our actions and decisions about raising children are accompanied by uncertainty and doubts. It often seems that we lack the knowledge and appropriate qualifications to take responsibility for shaping the character and personality of another person. We are afraid that we will make mistakes that will later negatively affect the adult life of our children.

What does it really mean to be a good parent? Being a good parent is always ready to help in any business, especially in school. With it will be easy for you to do it. A quality resource to help you do to always be a good parent. In the process of upbringing, we all make mistakes , and, despite this, there are many wonderful, happy, worthy, well-educated people in the world who build the right interpersonal relationships, who know how to love and know what is important in life and what is secondary.

None of us are and should not be the perfect parent. Such people simply do not exist. Therefore, do not blame yourself for the fact that, raising a child, not everything you do is good and perfect. However, this does not mean at all that one should not strive for the best. You should always strive for something and especially strive to help your child. If it comes to study, then you can safely use and this resource will help you. This will be a good start for change.


  • A full partnership between parents and children is neither possible nor good. Someone has to be the captain of the family team, and it is better for the parents to take over this role.
  • Do not abuse your position as older and stronger. In your decision-making process, honestly think about whether you are now caring for the welfare of the child, or perhaps pursuing your own interests (or fulfilling your needs) because it is more convenient for you.
  • Setting boundaries is essential for a child's safety and development, but in addition to imposing restrictions, he needs to provide emotional support, understanding and closeness. Your child also needs help with homework. Taking advantage of you will be of great help to your child. This way you can support your child.
  • You can introduce the essential restrictions and rules you need in the form of an understandable bilateral agreement, certified by the child and you. Demand, but at the same time, allow your son or daughter to make some of the decisions on their own.
  • You must accept the fact that the child is a separate person and give him as much autonomy and power as he is willing to accept at this stage of development.

Try to:

  • at each stage of the child's development, see his real needs and respond to them as much as possible;
  • set some boundaries for the child, because in the process of growth and the formation of his personality, he really needs them;
  • do not be overly demanding and do not abuse your power over the child, respect him as a person, as a person, and recognize his right to cooperate with you.

Every parent has the right to:

  • make mistakes, sometimes confuse something, not know about all possible good solutions;
  • lose patience, get angry, sometimes feel anger towards the child;
  • to be yourself, to fulfill other vital interests and tasks in addition to being a parent;
  • not to allow themselves to be made a “sacrifice” put on the altar of raising children, giving up many of life's pleasures or satisfying their needs solely for the sake of the children.

It is difficult for adults to maintain good physical and emotional shape, which are necessary in such a difficult task, which is raising a child. However, the most common parenting problems are depression, despondency, fatigue, and anxiety. But it is important to understand that emotional balance and self-control are not innate qualities, they need to be learned. If parents want to raise their child well, in difficult situations they must be able to clearly and legibly express their feelings, be able to control themselves and their anger and anger. And when it happens to "explode", then try to get out of this situation without injuring the child, turning it into something positive, for example, tenderly apologize to the child for his overly violent reaction. For him, this will serve as an example of how to behave in such a case.

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